System provides a legal chatbot on a law firm's website which is a great lead generation solution. It offers a personalized customer-centric solution for clients, so lawyers can find new leads and customer's problems. It explains which lawyer within the firm can help, it helps firms to find which lawyer can help the customers with legal issues, explains the next steps & how a law firm works, automation in generating an appointment. This system is the ultimate solution of all the legal world problems for customers, lawyers, Law firms Which basically benefits our Client.
With the satisfaction of this project, the client is offering this platform to organizations. Organizations are using this flow builder to get to know their employee's behaviour and thinking to develop a better office environment, plus this chatbot can easily integrate on their website and Microsoft Teams. So anyone from the organization can use this anywhere anytime!
We enable a service for customers to share their required service through a mobile application and also can order service to merchant. Now food ordering is fast, easy and comfortable, No misunderstandings and no frustrations, plus online food ordering is opened 24/7, and Less hassle for the user. It is easy to access the mobile application from smartphones to get an item of their wish. Restaurant manager (Merchants) can easily get, manage and view each order detail with few clicks. Users can order anything from anywhere, It's just one click away!
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