We have created a Facebook Messenger chatbot for the audience of The Voice Kids: Ahla Sawt season 3. This chatbot has created hype between the followers of this show and make them updated with the news and an exclusive event happens during the season every week. Users can check the time and channels of broadcasting the show, can see exclusive behind the scenes and special moments videos within the bot, and many more. They can also create and view their favorite list in the bot and can add or remove any contestant anytime. With our bot, MBC can redefine and increase their engagement with the show. It also increased its YouTube visitors and views. The bot provides a platform to MBC for broadcasting and reaching potentially massive audiences.
Botvise is a platform created for organisations to trace employee behaviour and use insights to develop a healthier office environment. The advantage of this bot is that it can easily be integrated on their website and Microsoft teams, making it accessible to everyone in the organization. This anywhere, anytime solution is providing great satisfaction to our clients.
r3 stemcell
We have developed a web bot for R3 Stem Cell which is a healthcare organization. This chatbot called Linda - provides a lead generation to the organization. This chatbot handles FAQs like the location of therapy centers, surgeries, insurance, etc. We have overcome many conditions by developing this bot which was hard to handle before only with Live chat agents. A single bot is handling the work of multiple live chat agents, plus now it is handling more capabilities. Their consumers do not need to wait for Agent to reply, Now bot is able to answer quickly anytime. We have also provided a handover to the agent when the bot is not able to answer the user's question.