Chatbot SaaS solutions - Kevit
A legal chatbot deployed on a law firm's website that can be used for lead generation. It is an automated solution that offers customer-centric solutions according to client requirements, making it easy for lawyers to find customers and issues. The bot automates generating appointments, assists firm in finding appropriate lawyers, provides details of lawyer that can help according to client issues. It explains the process and guides the user through the working of a law firm. It is the ultimate solution for legal communications between customers, lawyers and law firms enabling ease of transaction, benefitting the client business.
Botvise is a platform created for organisations to trace employee behaviour and use insights to develop a healthier office environment. The advantage of this bot is that it can easily be integrated on their website and Microsoft teams, making it accessible to everyone in the organization. This anywhere, anytime solution is providing great satisfaction to our clients.
Our service enables customers to share their choice of service and also provides a platform to order services from merchants - all through a mobile application. Food ordering has now become fast, easy and hassle free, plus it remains open 24/7! The mobile app makes it easy to order any item right from your smartphone. Restaurant managers or merchants can easily view and manage orders while users can easily order from anywhere, our bot making everything just one click away!
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