Reseller Partner -
Complete White Label Solution

If you want to introduce conversational AI and chatbot automation to provide value to your customer’s business needs + want to manage your clients in your brand with us being your technical partners, this is the perfect program.

Who can become Reseller Partners?

Marketing Agencies, Ad agencies, Marketing consulting firms, sales consulting firms, Startups, Microsoft Channel Partners, and other software Partners.

channel partners
channel partners
Referral Partner

If you’d like to refer or write about our services to your network but aren’t interested in building the entire sales process, this may be the program for you. Just share the reference & Earn 25% Commission.

Who can become Referral Partner?

Customers, bloggers, youtubers and evangelists who want to spread the word of Conversational AI and Chatbot Automation.

Partner Program Benefits

Lucrative Commission & Recurring Revenue

Kevit’s Partner Program helps you to leverage the ever growing Customer’s AI needs and every growing Chatbot Market without materially increasing your company’s internal resources.

An attractive revenue share that you qualify for as long as you are a Partner in good standing. You can earn on all monthly or prepaid annual fees from clients that pay for their accounts.

White Label Service

Serve your customers with your brand. This will enable you to resell chatbots as your own product with all the tech part and bot development process covered by us in the background.

Dedicated Success Manager

Every Partner will have a dedicated Success Manager to take care of all their needs. From personalized demos to client closures and marketing material to tech queries, your success manager will take care of your success.

Personalized Demo

Each Enterprise is different with different sets of problems and different sets of processes to solve them. That’s the reason why we always understand your customer needs and help you create personalized demo. 90% of leads are converted after our personalized demo.

Outstanding Tools

Kevit has combined powerful NLP and other AI Technologies with an advanced graphical flow builder. This lets you easily build and deploy any chatbots on your preferred social media and website. With our unique API builder we can integrate any Cloud Software like CRM, ERP, etc.

Excellent Tech Support

Our Technical team will support you with all your technical needs. We have an excellent response time of not more than 20 mins within our working days and time.

Innovative Approach

Our processes are designed to improve the entire User experience in conversations.

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