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Chatbots can be integrated on a lot of channels, some of them are social media and smart speakers. Apart from that, there are other channels too which do not belong to a particular category. These channels are some traditional interactive platforms, which people are using for years now.
These channels would be Simple SMSs, Websites, mobile apps, and Emails. Today every business uses all most all these channels to show their digital presence and to interact with their customers.
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Website and Mobile App

A chatbot can deliver multiple benefits when implemented across your website and mobile applications. It is a 24*7 available helpdesk that the user can contact at their convenience. No need to call and wait on customer service lines. A bot personalizes user experience and serves a large number of customers at the same time. This service can drive business intelligence and customer engagement. It makes notifications, alerts, and promotions more relevant.
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Whether it's a promotion message, booking confirmation or a bank update - SMS service is one of the oldest modes of mobile communication. A simple service that keeps updated with every brand you associate with. As far as mobile is concerned, ease and ubiquity of an SMS is unparalleled. Leverage this service with an SMS chatbot which can automate SMS chat and broadcasts for you. It remains the most relevant form of communication, especially in the business to consumer (B2C) world. SMS bots serve as a perfect and necessary solution for every enterprise and business.
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Many companies have already started implementing chatbots on various messaging apps and channels like Facebook Messenger, company website and mobile apps for however emails still remain an integral part of formal communication. Chatbots replace repetitive tasks involved with bulk mailing. They improve your customer engagement, lead generation and nurturing. It automates and regularises sending promotional mails or reminders to your customers and potential leads. It transforms the quality of your Email marketing and holds a lot of potential as a conversational service.