The use of chatbots in the hospitality industry is already evolving, some of the major players in the industry have implemented these AI powered virtual agents to automate their services. In an industry like that of serving people - hoteliers, restaurants, cab services and others tend to deal with large number of user queries.

Intuitive chatbots can transform a frustrating experience into an engaging conversation. It can disperse information faster than any customer agent. It is why popular hotels like the Hyatt and Marriott have already implemented bots across various channels, enhancing their customer service. These intelligent bots have also found their way into restaurants from making reservations to keeping their customers engaged with valuable menu suggestions and offers, serving as their personal concierge.

If you are in the hospitality industry and still don't understand how a bot could be built to suit your requirements, at Kevit we would like to assist you with our expertise in bot development and customer insights. 57% of your consumers are interested in chatbots for their instantaneity. We believe in building bots that are customer centric and intuitive, enhancing your customer repeat rate and loyalty.

Instant Query Solving
Instant Query Resolution
Provide 24*7 helpdesk support to your customers without them having to wait.
Reservations & Cancellation
Enable reservations and cancellations through interactive chat.
Customer Engagement
Engage your customers with Conversational AI during their stay to improve repeat rate.
Run Loyalty Programs
Run Loyalty Programs
Notify customers and potential visitors with your loyalty programs and deals for lead generation.
Manage Cancellation
Room Service Automation
Remove the hassle of calling room service and call waiting, enable room service through chatbot.
booking Support
Booking Support
Provide continuous booking support with personal virtual assistant for each of your customers.
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