Annual cost savings derived from the adoption of chatbots in healthcare will reach $3.6 billion globally by 2022, up from an estimated $2.8 million in 2017. - Juniper Research

Chatbots are transforming the way healthcare is delivered. It can act as a personal assistant delivering a personalized monitoring for your user health. Think of your chatbot like a "personal nurse". Apart from that, these intelligent bots can be implemented over a wide array of applications in the health industry.

These chatbots are designed to learn common symptoms and offer recommendations. They are powerful tools for automating organizational level activities like appointment scheduling, maintaining patient records, keeping a track of patient health and much more.

Your healthcare organization can be saving large amount of patient support costs with Kevit's intuitive chatbot solutions. Deliver patient centric care and automate your organizational activities with expert development of AI and NLP for you. We deliver these chatbots over a wide array of channels like FB messenger, Skype, Slack or even your own custom website.

prescription Info
Prescription Info
Efficient bots will give personalized prescription and drug related information to your patients .
paitent Outreach
Patient Outreach
Never let your patients miss an appointment, enable automated patient outreach.
Medication Reminder
Medication Reminder
Provide reminders for medications and other health tips to ensure patient health and engagement .
Health Literacy
Patient Records Repository
Automate maintaining patient records and easily record patient history via virtual assistant.
paitent Engagement
Patient Engagement
Engage your customers with 24*7 support and generate more leads through Conversational AI.
Appointment Scheduling
Automate scheduling of appoints with our bots implemented across your system.
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