Gone are the days when travelers had to visit their local travel agents to book flights or search for a suitable hotel. To cater to the ever-growing market demand and attract a digitally adept customer, travel companies continue to improve their services. and seek ways to make travel more convenient with chatbots. AI-based travel bots predict what kind of service customer is looking for and natural language processing technology understand customer intents. It will not be wrong to say that artificial intelligence is doing wonders for the travel industry It is really amazing to see how travel bots are helping people save their time and organize their trips. We at Kevit Technologies build custom bots for a wide range of channels like FB messenger, Google Home , and Skype. We are helping travel companies become smart because the future belongs to those who offer intelligent and engaging solutions. We have seen many travel bots doing wonders for the traveling companies. More and more travel companies are adopting chatbots to serve travelers better.

Various brands have started making use of chatbots on a wide array of channels to improve their customer's shopping experience. From providing personalized product search results to order tracking, everything can be done over chat. Popular brands like Sephora, H&M, Tommy Hilfiger, and Amazon - one of the largest online stores in the world have already implemented chatbots to leverage their online sales.

53% of the people that are currently making use of messaging apps are more likely to shop with a brand if they can do it through messaging. Conversational User Interface (CUI) with an AI bot can considerably improve sales for your ecommerce business. In fact Sephora's booking rates have surged up by 11% due to its Reservation Assistant bot.

You could be doing the same with Kevit's intuitive bot technology implemented across multiple channels like Facebook messenger, Slack, Alexa, Google Home, Skype and more. Build a quick and prompt customer support service with Kevit's expert solutions and watch your customer return rate escalate.

Promotions & Offers
Promote offers and sales through various channels to your buyers so they never miss one.
Order Tracking
Enable easy order tracking and returns via bot assistant with no extra logins.
Products & Recommendations
Enable personalized recommendations and product catalogs for your users.
Taking Reviews
Reviews & Feedback
Receive easy feedback through engaging chat, keep track of your customer satisfaction.
Refund & Cancellation
Manage and enable your users to view refund and cancellation status without checking.
Engaging Advertising
Interactive virtual assistant can engage new users and generate leads on many channels.
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