Chatbot for Travel Industry

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Few years back, people would go to travel agent when they needed to plan a trip or book a flight. But things have changed a lot these days due to the emergence of chatbot technology. Chatbots are becoming popular due to engaging conversation and help customer to get their services in more enjoyable way.

Chatbots which provide travel related services are also called as virtual travel assistants. AI based travel bots predicts what kind of service customer is looking for and natural language processing technology understand customer intents. It will not be wrong to say that artificial intelligence is doing wonders for the travel industry It is really amazing to see how travel bots are helping people save their time and organize their trips.

The best thing is that you can do all this from your favorite messaging apps like Facebook, WhatsApp etc. Expedia, a worldwide known name in the travelling industry has a Facebook messenger bot which travelers around the world use to search for hotels, flights cruises and much more. Users of trip bot can book hotel, do check-in and many more things.

We at Kevit Technologies build custom bots for a wide range of channels like FB messenger, Google Home and Skype. We are helping travel companies become smart because future belongs to those who offer intelligent and engaging solutions. We have seen many travel bots doing wonders for the traveling companies. More and more travel companies are adopting chatbots to serve the travelers better.


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Make Reservation

Plan your Itinerary

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  • Process Automation
  • 24 x 7 Availability
  • Better User Experience
  • Cost Reduction
  • Customer Growth