Over the last few years, digital banking has seen a surge in popularity with people using their smartphones to avail financial services. The next step in this digital shift is the Conversational Banking strategy also popularly implemented as a chatbot. Banking industry is witnessing customers shift their focus from mobile banking to conversational user interface (CUI) in banking.

We’re already in the age of AI technologies powering all services of customer support. Intelligent chatbots are the next natural step in providing efficient automated support for your banking customers.

Most popular large scale banks have already started using these chatbots in regular service, providing personalized assistance while availing any financial oriented service. Some popular names in this list are - Bank of America, Mastercard, HDFC and more. In order to remain on the cutting edge banks must make intelligent automation a part of their service.

With more than 300,000 active Facebook bots and just as many offered across various channels, chatbots are the necessity for providing secure and personalized service to your customers.

At Kevit we build NLP powered chatbots that are tailor made for your services. A custom built bot that can be implemented on various popular channels like Facebook Messenger, Slack, Alexa, Google Home and Skype. We believe in providing smart automation that can transform your financial services and customer experience. The future belongs to those who provide engaging solutions and Kevit helps you realise this.

Request cheque Book
Request Cheque Book
Request for your cheque book and renewal anytime, anywhere.
Branch Locator
ATM & Branch Locator
Find closest branches of your bank from your current location.
bill Payment
Bill Payment
Ensure seamless payments with virtual assistance.
Money Transfer
Money Transfer
Quick and easy money transferring through your bank bot.
Customer Support
Customer Support
24*7 available customer support and query resolution.
EMI & Loan Calculator
Keep track of loans and next EMI with regular reminders.
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