Kevit Partner Program

Kevit is the only Automation organization that goes to market with valued channel partners enabling us team up and tightly align with your business to make things happen. Whether you want to white label or create a branded solution Kevit’s team provides the means to get fast, measurable and sustainable results for our Microsoft Solution Partners, Ad & Marketing Agencies and BPOs.

channel partners
channel partners
Kevit’s clients book 29.7% more appointments

Kevit’s Chatbots provide a complete guided experience with a comprehensive platform. Our customized automation tools create intelligent pathways for your CX journey targeted to precisely navigate your target market and together we will convert conversations into leads and we guarantee it!

Kevit’s Chatbots and automation capabilities ensures your business a daily flow of appointments that scale and exponentially increase revenue.

Chatbot automation can typically save 80.2% in support costs
The future is here – Jupiter predicts,
"Businesses will save more than a combined 2.5 billion hours by 2023." Kevit’s Chatbots and automation will let you map the CX journey and turn digital engagements into your competitive advantage. With dynamic messaging our clients are typically saving 80.2% in support costs.
channel partners
channel partners
Results You Can Trust.
We Guarantee It!
When you partner with Kevit, we remove your risk and form a collaboration to deliver results. Kevit’s Chatbots are specifically designed to book more appointments, shorten your sales cycles and drive qualified conversations. Our award winning Chatbots are 2.5x more likely to create opportunities over traditional sources of inbound marketing and we guarantee it!
Our guarantee is super simple just share your thoughts and we will work with you until you are completely happy with your new Chatbot! (and that’s our guarantee!)
Get up and running within 24 hours with our custom Chatbots
Kevit’s Chatbots Automate your business processes quickly and easily, and our enterprise grade platform bridges disparate systems so, whether that’s REST, SOAP or legacy APIs we can enable an intuitive conversational bot design! and, while that sounds technical, Kevit’s teams make every aspect of bot automation exactly the way you envision and, you’ll have the Proof Of Concept (POC) in 24 hours to review!
channel partners
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