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Chatbot & Voicebot Development
The evolution of AI is now in full trend and Bots are on huge progress. Chatbots and voicebots are interacting with users like their personal assistants. People enjoy to share their workload. It is way too easy to communicate with a smart machine instead of a human.
Gartner forecast that by 2020, over 85% of customer interaction will be handled without humans.
Big Data & Analytics
Data is changing the flow of competition. Organized data is able to solve business problems and provide new business opportunities and insights. Making sense out of unorganized data is tough.
Here Data Science plays the Role. Organizations can use their vast internal data and analytics to transform business performance and fulfill moving objectives using Data Science.
Big Data Analytics
Web Data Collection
Web Data Collection Technology
Open source data is growing at exponential rates, creating unprecedented opportunities for information arbitrage. Our knowledge and services transforms the way public sector and commercial institutes identify, collect, and leverage open source data to solve their most difficult problems. We help organisations to mitigate business issues, enhance organisational efficiency, and develop sustainable growth strategies by offering them the best solutions for market research.
Benefits for your
High net promoter scores
Revenue growth
Customer growth
Cost reduction
Benefits for your
Automating internal process
Increased productivity
Employee engagement
High happiness index
Benefits for your
Personalized Experience
Early access to customer care
Real-time responses
Fast issue resolution
Benefits for your
Marketing Automation
Improved lead quality and quantity
Automate Your Inquiries
Help Prospects Understand Your Offer
Schedule appointment in a minute
Chatbot for Banking
As chatbots continue to become more advanced, customers shift their focus from mobile banking to conversational user interface (CUI) in banking. In order to be on the cutting edge, banks need to have a conversational banking strategy.
Chatbot for Travel
Gone are the days when travellers had to visit their local travel agents to book flights or search for a suitable hotel. To cater to the ever-growing market demand and attract a digitally adept customer, travel companies continue to improve their services and seek ways to make travel more convenient with chatbots.
Chatbot for E-commerce
Today E-Commerce websites contain a wide range of products in each of its category which results in a vast and complex database. These products are spread across numerous amount of web pages and categorized according to their type. Navigating through these web pages to locate relevant results, according to the user specifications, can be non-intuitive, time consuming and exasperating. The chatbot attempts to address the above-mentioned issues by presenting a more intuitive way of interacting with the website.
Chatbot for Healthcare
Bots are reshaping the healthcare industry nowadays. While doctors and researchers push the boundaries of medicine, advances in technology are changing the way patients and doctors communicate and how care is administered.
Chatbot for hr
Gartner predicts that by 2020, a whopping 85 percent of enterprise-customer relationships will be managed without human interactions. The majority of interactions will be automated completely given that conversational AI / intelligent chatbots are playing a crucial role in almost every industry. It’s not surprising that chatbots are finding their place in HR departments. Job interviews can be incredibly stressful for applicants. Much of that stress comes from that fact that humans are, well, human. Candidates know they will be judged on appearance, body language, and mood along with their professional credentials.
Chatbot for Hospitality
Chatbots were one of the most significant trends of today's world. These small pieces of software with artificial intelligence allows you to communicate with them naturally and Replicate the behaviour of a human being within a conversational environment. The adoption of these virtual assistants is growing, and brands are using chatbots in lots of exciting ways. You can order food, schedule flights and get recommendations for pretty much anything. Chatbots seemingly are the future of marketing and customer support.
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