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Chatbot & Voicebot
With evolution of AI, intelligent machine bots are the latest growing trend. Accelerate your business and communication with innovative solution of Chatbots and Voicebots. Reduce your workload with smart conversational machine solution. Specially tailored for your business.
Gartner forecast that by 2020, over 85% of customer interaction will be handled without humans.
Big Data & Analytics
Data is revolutionizing business intelligence. Organized data is able to keep you way ahead of the competition by providing strategic insights. Making sense out of unorganized data is tough. Here Data Science plays an important role. Organizations can use their vast internal data and analytics to transform business performance and fulfill moving objectives using Data Science.
We uncover patterns of data to provide predictable insights using progressive data models and algorithms with deep cognitive ability. Big Data and it's analysis will help you to make smart, fast decisions from the vast sea of data.
Big Data Analytics
Web Data Collection
Web Data Collection
Open source data is growing at exponential rates, creating unprecedented opportunities for information arbitrage. Our knowledge and services transforms the way public sector and commercial institutes identify, collect, and leverage open source data to solve their most difficult problems. We help organisations to mitigate business issues, enhance organisational efficiency, and develop sustainable growth strategies by offering them the best solutions for market research.
kevit Business
Benefits for your
High net promoter scores
Revenue growth
Customer growth
Cost reduction
kevit Employee
Benefits for your
Automating internal process
Increased productivity
Employee engagement
High happiness index
kevit Customer
Benefits for your
Personalized Experience
Early access to customer care
Real-time responses
Fast issue resolution
kevit Marketing Automation
Benefits for your
Marketing Automation
Improved lead quality and quantity
Automate Your Inquiries
Help Prospects Understand Your Offer
Schedule appointment in a minute
Chatbot for Banking
As chatbots continue to become more advanced, customers are getting attracted by CUIs.
Chatbot for Travel
Gone are the days when travelers had to visit their local travel agents to book flights or search for a suitable hotel.
Chatbot for E-commerce
E-Commerce websites contain a wide range of products in each of its category which results in a vast database.
Chatbot for Healthcare
Bots are reshaping the healthcare industry nowadays. While doctors and researchers push the boundaries of medicine.
Chatbot for hr
As Gartner predicts - by 2020, 85 percent of enterprise-customer relationships will be managed without human interactions.
Chatbot for Hospitality
Chatbots were one of the most significant trends of today's world. It allows you to communicate with them naturally.
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